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Navigating the Basics of NextJS: A Comprehensive Introduction

Unveiling Next JS: Your Quick Guide to the Basics

Hey there, fellow explorer of the world of coding! Ready to step on a journey into the basics of Next JS? 

  • Next JS is a React framework for building web applications.
  • It is a framework built on top of React JS for smoother development by making development of web application easier and enjoyable.

The Routing Magic

In the land of Next JS, routing is much easier. No more difficulty with setting up route we just create a pages folder, and each file inside becomes a route. It’s like the GPS of your app, guiding users through the pages. The folder name would be the route name which displays the content inside the file.

The Art of File Structure

An overview of the file and folder structure of a Next.js project. It covers top-level files and folders, configuration files, and routing conventions within the app and pages directories.

  • App: In app directory of folder, each folder represent the route and each file represent the content that is visible when route is accessed.
  • Public In public folders, we store images, icons, svgs that we display in our web application.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it—a whirlwind tour of NextJS basics. Sogo ahead, dive in the world of Next JS! 

Figure 1: Next JS Routes

Happy coding! 🚀